Sampling around SDSU

Our lab and members of Shrek’s lab from the Salk went sampling around the SDSU campus for wild nematodes in rotting fruits and stems. Let’s hope some of them are infected!

Robert Luallen
Our microscopes

Day 173 (Dec 1, 2018). We have our Nikon fluorescent upright and stereoscopes ready and set up. Now we can take pretty pictures and do mutagenesis screens.

Robert Luallen
Demo Scopes

Day 45 (July 26, 2018). Demoing a Nikon fluorescent upright microscope. These worms have GFP expressed in the muscle.

Robert Luallen
Worm boxes!

Day 36 (July 17, 2018). Got a bunch of boxes to store our worms. Small victories!

Robert Luallen
New lab

Day 1 (June 12, 2018) of the Luallen Lab. An empty lab and office.

Robert Luallen